How to Use this Pack

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<aside> ๐Ÿ’ก Getting the template/s in to your Notion

Click the 'Duplicate' link in the top right of this web page to duplicate this pack (view detailed instructions). This will create a copy of the templates in your Notion under your private section in the sidebar.

โ—๏ธDuplicate from this page, not individual template pages. This is important because there's a bit of database linking going on. You don't want to break the links - otherwise your templates won't be super useful**!

โ—๏ธ**Duplicate your notion pack in to your own workspace within the next 14 days so that you donโ€™t lose access!

****From there, you can drag these templates around your Notion as you'd like without a worry.


<aside> ๐Ÿ“š How to use each page

Every page will contain a toggle titled "More information on how to use this page" guiding you through the elements on the page and how you can use them alongside your Life Map (if applicable).

You can delete the toggle as soon as you've read it - or leave it there for future reference!


Your Templates

Life Dash Templates

Your Life Dash Templates

Your life dash is the landing page for your Notion. It's similar to a home 'command centre'. It gives you all of the important stuff at a glance, so that you can access what matters quickly and easily.

Getting Things Done Templates

Getting Things Done (Notion Pack)

Within this template you'll find your weekly reset, trigger list, master to do list, monthly / quarterly resets, projects planning templates and your "other lists".

Weekly / Daily Planning Hub

Planning Hub

Use this template as a reference when you do your weekly / daily planning in your life map planner.

Routines Template

Routines (Notion Pack)

Revisit this page whenever you feel like you need to revisit or rebuild your routines. If you have The Life Map Digital, you may want to use this in lieu of the routines page at the back of your planner, or you might not want to make use of this page at all.

Commonplace Book Template

Commonplace Book (Notion Pack)

In this template you'll find a life notes template, book notes template (connected to your 'books to read' list), quotes gallery and a place to store interesting articles and videos.

Fun Extras